Signs That You Excelled in Your Job Interview

If you walk out of your interview and you are not sure you excelled in it, you might spend the next few days sweating about how it went.

But you don’t have to worry in the dark. In this article, I will list the signs that you excelled in your job interview.

  1. Your Interviewer was very Cheerful With You

You may have given a few deformed answers or stopped when the interviewer threw a puzzle your way, but if the hiring manager was cheerful and nodded a lot, this could be a really good sign.

However, they could have just been smiling and nodding because they are friendly, but if you notice a friendly and warm manner, things might be going your way.

  1. The Interviewer Asked Some Personal Questions About Your Family

Showing an interest in your personal life means they’re definitely considering you, as it shows an interest past just the professional résumé. However, remember that you don’t always have to answer personal questions. Some are unlawful.

  1. The Interview Ran Over the Appointed Time

When you’re in the midst of an interview and things aren’t going as you’d like, it may feel like the interview is not coming to an end. But if you check the clock and notice that’s because it went over the 30-minute block, this could be a good thing.

It may imply that the employer wants to continue getting to know you a little better and you’ve likely passed the main criteria they were seeking, and the fact that they keep investing more time and energy toward you can be promising.

  1. Your Interviewer Tried to Sell You on The Firm

To some extent in the interview, the hiring manager stopped asking you questions and started discussing. You may be thinking they’re done with you as they have nothing else to ask! But don’t worry and think about what they were saying.

Were they making a sentient effort to talk up the firm? That’s a great sign they’re impressed with you and trying to influence you towards the position.

  1. The Interviewer Discuss A Lot About Benefits, Improvements and More

If an interviewer starts discussing firm policies and benefits and even gets into a serious discussion about pay, then there’s a chance they’re planning to make an offer. They most probably wouldn’t waste their time by choice sharing all this information if they weren’t interested in you.

  1. If Your Interviewer Showed You Around the Office

If the hiring manager takes time to show you around the office or introduces you to employees before you leave, that could mean they’re probably thinking about offering you the role.

  1. If Your Interviewer said ‘You Will’ Instead Of ‘You Would’

If you had spent the whole interview thinking about the weak handshake you gave at the very beginning of the interview, or the uncomfortable moment you sat in the wrong chair in the hiring manager’s office, you may not have noticed some very devious signs that they were impressed with you.

For example, if the interviewer shifted from a speculative tone to a presumptive one, this is a good sign.

  1. They Asked for A List of Recommendations

When the interviewer asks for recommendations, it usually means they’re seriously considering you for the role. Checking recommendations is often the last step before an employer offers an applicant for the job. So don’t feel sorry for yourself and start feeling happy.

  1. If The Follow-Up Process Was Expressly Discussed

If on your way out, you’re feeling bad about how things went. But then the hiring manager eagerly brings up the next step in the hiring process without you even asking, this is a clear sign you’re still in the running for the open role. Unless it’s just a general: ‘We’ll be in touch soon.’

  1. If You’re Asked to Come in For Another Interviews

You may be just one of an irritant of finalists, but if you’ve been asked to return for the next round of interviews, that’s a sign that you’re a serious competitor. They want to secure the decision by building an agreement between managers.

  1. There Was A Lasting Goodbye

If they don’t like you, the hiring manager would try to get rid of you as quickly as possible. But if they like you, they would continue asking questions or selling you on the firm as you’re saying your goodbyes, you probably made a great impression.

Well, maybe the hiring manager is just super talkative but if they last as they walk with you toward the main lobby or see you out the door, this could be an amazing sign that you excelled in your job interview.

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